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Village hall sanding and sealing and refurbish

 TPS are specialists in
  • Sanding and sealing village hall floors
  • Refurbishing village hall floors
  • Repairing village hall floors
  • Court marking village hall floors

Sanding and sealing your village hall floor as part of a full refurbish can make your village hall floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources. In most cases there will be an excellent quality timber floor which can be refurbished by sanding and sealing.

Many old wood village hall floors have not been sanded and sealed or refurbished for many years and have either a very worn seal (or no seal at all) resulting in the wood wearing and getting ingrained dirt and turning a dirty black colour. Village hall floors often have a lot of traffic in certain areas with outdoor shoes so are prone to having areas of bare timber which then deteriorate rapidly. The results are your village hall floor may be lacking in grip, beginning to splinter or suffering damage to the structure, and looking poor.

We sand and seal wood village hall floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look (provided there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out). We sand all village hall floors with belt sanders (not drum sanders) to give a high quality smooth surface and finish with buffers. We have specialist extraction systems to leave minimal dust for a cleaner area and smoother end result and to eliminate time spent cleaning after. We seal village hall floors using seals that have been tested to exceed the requirements of BS7044 for providing a surface with the required grip.

The benefits of choosing TPS

  • A smooth surface sanded with the best quality sanding machines
  • Minimum take off to preserve the future life of the floor
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge in how to sand different types of floor and different timber types
  • Edges fully blended in to the main area
  • The "right" seal for your requirements whether for high grip or excellent wear characteristics
  • Minimal dust created so minimal cleaning required
  • Fast and efficient service to minimize down time

For a quote on sanding and sealing your village hall floor please contact us.

Public Area Flooring – A Slippery Problem

Public area flooring can become an expensive business if it doesn't conform to health and safety legislation.

Public area flooring can be a slippery problem. When walking around a leisure centre, shopping mall, school hall or even walking through pubs and restaurants we are often made aware of slippery risks, with signs flagging up recently mopped public area flooring for example. But when the public area flooring is intrinsically slippery because it has used the wrong materials or needs to be treated to make it safer, it can become a huge health and safety risk.

Public Area Flooring Should be Slip Resistant

Companies that specialise in providing or treating floors for public area flooring, such as leisure centres, sport halls, schools, pubs, clubs and restaurants can help provide a quick solution. There are treatments such as TPS (Titanium Polyurethane Seal) that can transform public area flooring. TPS is a proven wood floor seal designed specifically for coating wood and Granwood floors to withstand the harshest of treatment. Not only does it help make public area flooring that experiences high traffic more durable, it contains slip-resistant and traction qualities that make it popular for public area flooring such as sports floors.

Compensation Culture impacts on Public Area Flooring

The news is littered with stories of litigation. The compensation culture means it has never been so crucial for public area flooring and those responsible for it, to ensure it meets health and safety regulations. TPS is engineered to dry quickly which makes it perfect for organisations or businesses that need secure, slip resistant public area flooring – such as pubs and bars – but don't want to have to stop trading or lose business to accommodate the TPS treatment.

Fewer 'Trips and Slips' in Public Spaces

The legal industry is hot on 'trips and slips' in public spaces. But a serious fall can result in long-term injury that can ruin a person's career or impact on their life expectancy. The compensation culture has resulted in what has been seen as a 'risk averse' culture that wraps everything up in cotton wool, banning traditional games such as conkers for being too dangerous. But when it comes to public area flooring, you can never be too safe. Cracks, slippery surfaces and hazards can result in nasty falls. It's the responsibility of the business or council in charge of the property – whether it's a privately-run pub or public area flooring in a school – to reduce the risk of injury. In 2003, schools were told by the Health and Safety Executive to make their public area flooring slip-resistant, clean up spillages swiftly and ensure children and staff wear sensible shoes in order to reduce the number of accidents – that year saw 3,000 injuries caused by slipping in educational institutions.

Looking for Public Area Flooring? Call Tps

At TPS we provide a unique sanding and sealing service for wood and Granwood floors in all kinds of premises from sports halls, leisure centres, military bases, school halls and village halls. TPS Company can cover all your sanding and sealing needs with our skilled crews. We use Granwax seals specifically designed for use in high-traffic areas such as multi-use halls. Contact us to find out more.







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