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Granwood floor repairs


TPS specialize in repairing Granwood sports hall, gymnasium and leisure centre floors

  • We repair all Granwood sports hall floors
  • We repair all Granwood gymnasium floors
  • We repair all Gransprung sports floors

Granwood and Gransprung sports floors often need repair where the tiles have cracked or blown for example by an expansion joint or where the Granwood floor tiles have come loose from the base structure. TPS carry out all repairs to Granwood sports floor cutting out damaged areas, replacing tiles and filling small cracks then sanding the floor repair to blend in with the surrounding Granwood floor tiles.

Where the Granwood blocks have worked loose and need to be re-stuck or where the underlying screed is breaking up we can repair this.

After all Granwood floor repairs we will sand the area to blend in with the surrounding Granwood floor tiles so the repair blends in and then seal the entire repaired floor area.

We will also touch in any court markings which have been disrupted.

The benefits of choosing TPS

  • Knowing when to fill and when to replace tile
  • All sanding and line marking equipment to provide a complete repair service for all sports hall and gymnasium Granwood floors

For a quote on repairing your Granwood sports floor please contact us.

Granwood Flooring Repair – Explaining the Installation of Granwood Flooring

In order to fully comprehend the process of Granwood flooring repair, it is important to understand the methods that are utilised to install Granwood flooring in the first place as it is a technical procedure. There are so many ways in which to utilise Granwood flooring ranging from sports surfacing to village halls but it is important to understand the processes that may be required should the Granwood flooring become damaged. The best thing to do if you realise that your Granwood flooring is noticeably damaged is to seek the expertise of Granwood flooring repair specialists. Granwood flooring has so many advantageous features that it is little wonder that it is so universally utilised for many of activities but due to the nature of activities that take place upon it, it is susceptible to being damaged and should this occur, it is of paramount importance to return it to its optimum condition through the use of Granwood flooring repair experts, who will be well versed in the procedures which are necessary to deal with the most common problems and forms of damage that typically befall Granwood flooring.

Granwood Flooring Repair – Building Blocks

Generally speaking, granwood flooring consists of 10mm thick Granwood flooring blocks and these provide the basis of the surface. It is apparent, however, that damage often occurs to this type of flooring because it is often subjected to frequent and intense movement and as many Granwood floors are used in sports hall, they often also have to deal with the movement of heavy equipment. Granwood flooring repair experts are in a position to deal with most eventualities that are likely to impact upon Granwood flooring in the conditions under which they typically operate.

Granwood Flooring Repairs – A Durable Surface

Granwood flooring is renowned for being a durable material for a floor surfacing but it is always prudent to be aware that damage can occur to any type of flooring no matter how resilient it is and Granwood flooring is no exception. For those institutions that find that their Granwood flooring is not in prime condition, it is often easy to remedy through the use of Granwood flooring repairing professionals who will be knowledgeable in the make-up of Granwood flooring and what would need to be done to fix it.

Looking for a Granwood Flooring Repair Specialist? Speak to TPS

We are delighted to be considered one of the UK’s leading restorers of granwood flooring and we have a well established and highly skilled team of granwood flooring repair specialists. If you have suffered damage to your Granwood flooring, we are confident that we will be able to offer you a restoration proposal that will return your Granwood flooring to its previous condition. To find out more about our range of Granwood flooring repair services, please contact us.







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