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Granwood floor sanding and sealing and refurbish


TPS are specialists in

  • Sanding and sealing Granwood floors
  • Refurbishing Granwood floors
  • Repairing Granwood floors
  • Court marking Granwood floors

Sanding and sealing your Granwood floor as part of a full refurbish can make your Granwood floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources. In most cases there will be an excellent floor which can be refurbished by sanding and sealing.

Granwood floors require special care when sanding and sealing or refurbishing. When sanding Granwood floors special care must be taken not to sand through the blocks causing them to “pocket” which is why it is important to choose a contractor with experience. When sealing Granwood floors we recommend using the original Granwood seal Granguard as this is the toughest seal and gives the best life.

Many old Granwood floors have not been sanded and sealed or refurbished for many years and have either a very worn seal (or no seal at all) or some Granwood floors are sealed but not sanded so they have had several coats of oil based seal applied over the years which have "yellowed" with sunlight giving a dirty brown appearance. As more coats of seal are applied some areas can delaminate leaving sharp edges. The results are your Granwood floor may be lacking in grip, beginning to flake or suffering damage to the blocks, and looking poor.

We sand and seal Granwood floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look (provided there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out). We sand all Granwood floors with belt sanders (not drum sanders) to give a high quality smooth surface and finish with buffers. We have specialist extraction systems to leave minimal dust for a cleaner area and smoother end result and to eliminate time spent cleaning after. We seal Granwood floors using only Granwood’s own heavy duty seal Granguard that has excellent wear characteristics and has been tested to exceed the requirements of BS7044 for providing a surface with the required grip.

The benefits of choosing TPS

  • Minimum take off to preserve the blocks
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge on how to sand these specialist floors
  • Only Granguard seal is used – the best for Granwood floors
  • Minimal dust created so minimal cleaning required
  • Fast and efficient service to minimize down time

For a quote on sanding and sealing your Granwood floor please contact us.

Granwood Flooring Repair – Exploring Common Forms of Floor Damage

There are obviously many ways in which a Granwood floor can be damaged. Regardless of how the damaged occurred it is imperative to utilise the services of Granwood flooring repair specialist to fix the problem to a good standard. Despite how well you look after Granwood flooring, it is decidedly likely that it will incur some form of damage over time, predominantly as a result of the substantial wear and tear that Granwood flooring usually has due to the amount it is used in sports halls and gymnasiums in particular. By utilising the services of Granwood flooring repair specialists, you will be able to ensure that your Granwood flooring maintains its integrity and level of performance, which is extremely important so far as Granwood flooring for sports events is concerned. By looking at the most common forms of damage that befall Granwood flooring, it is possible to establish what you can do to help prevent them and how specialist Granwood flooring repair experts go about repairing damage to this commonly used type of flooring.

Granwood Flooring Repair – From Water Damage to Burn Marks

It goes without saying that Granwood flooring is a spectacular surface and ideal for the purposes for which it is used, such as various sports. It is, however, important to realise that Granwood flooring is susceptible to damage due to the nature of its utilisation and, in such cases, there will be a need to employ the services of a Granwood flooring repair team. Just a few of the most common forms of damage to result to Granwood flooring include:

• Scratches – As there is invariably a lot of motion involved in activities carried out on Granwood flooring, it is inevitable that the surface will develop scratches and imperfections along the way. If you have discovered that your Granwood flooring has been damaged in such a manner, most Granwood flooring repair specialist will be able to return it to its original condition through a multitude of restoration techniques.
• Water Damage – Given the prevalence of flooding of late, another common form of damage to flooring is that of water damage. Water can have a catastrophic effect on many forms of flooring which often can include Granwood flooring, so, if you have suffered some degree of water damage, you will need to make use of the expertise of Granwood flooring repair professionals.

Looking for a Granwood Flooring Repair Specialist? Speak to TPS

We are delighted to be considered one of the UK’s leading restorers of Granwood flooring and we have a well established and highly skilled team of Granwood flooring repair specialists. If you have suffered damage to your Granwood flooring, we are confident that we will be able to offer you a restoration proposal that will return your Granwood flooring to its previous condition. To find out more about our range of Granwood flooring repair services, just contact us.






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