Court markings and line markings on Granwood and Gransprung floors

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Court marking Granwood floors


TPS are specialists in

  • Court marking all Granwood floors
  • Court marking Granwood sports hall floors
  • Court marking Granwood gymnasium floors

We apply court marking and line marking for all your sports requirements on Granwood floors. We can mark all courts you require as part of your floor refurbish or sand and seal or we can apply court markings to new Granwood floors.

We apply court markings and line markings for Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Fitness test/Bleep test lines, Five a side football, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball and other sports where required.

It is important to ensure the Granwood surface is properly prepared to ensure the court markings adhere properly and ensure all line markings are durable. With Granwood floors it is essential to use a court marking paint compatible with the seal already on the floor and also with any overseal that will be applied. We recommend all new line markings are sealed over to ensure the court markings last as long as possible – so long as the seal is overcoated when worn the court markings will remain in first class condition.

We use special court marking equipment and templates to ensure all court markings are to the current regulations and within line marking tolerances.

The benefits of choosing TPS

  • Surfaces properly prepared prior to court marking
  • Special line marking equipment for precision lines and minimal bleed
  • The correct court marking paint compatible with the underlying surface
  • Experienced staff with years of knowledge in applying court markings
  • Fast and efficient service to minimize down time

For a quote on court marking your sports floor please contact us.

Court Marking and Line Marking for Sport Hall Floors

Court marking and line marking for sport hall floors need to be accurate and clearly defined, which is why you should use the professionals. Line marking is a term usually used to describe the demarcation lines applied to outdoor sports surfaces, to identify the playing area for specific sports. Court marking is a term usually used to describe the demarcation lines applied to indoor sports surfaces. The terms court marking and line marking are often used to describe any designated playing area, and correct use of these phrases is sometimes misunderstood or misused.

Court Marking for Wood, Granwood or Vinyl Sport Hall Floors

TPS Company is experienced in the application of indoor court markings and such court markings can be applied to wood, Granwood or vinyl sport hall floors. Care must be taken to use the correct court marking paints for each different type of surface, and preparation work might also varydepending on the different type of surface. Correct preparation of the floor surface prior to court marking work is key to achieving court markings that are durable and well defined. Court marking on newly sanded wood floors require specific preparation to avoid paints bleeding into the grain of the wood floor. Court marking on vinyl floors present challenges in terms of adhesion and durability, as the court markings are sometimes left unsealed by a finishing product. Court markings on Granwood floors present a further challenge in that the court marking paints must be compatible with the solvent based seals used on Granwood floors.

Choose TPS for a Professional Court Marking Service

TPS Company can apply court markings to most indoor sports surfaces, providing you with a court marking service that is professionally undertaken using quality court marking paints which result in accurate and defined court markings. If you need Court Marking and Line Marking for your Sports Hall Floor contact TPS. We offer you a professional court marking and line marking service for indoor sports hall venues.






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